We study dangerous speech and ways to counteract it.


Inflammatory public speech rises steadily before outbreaks of mass violence, suggesting that it is a precursor of, or even a prerequisite for violence. In many cases, a few influential figures turn their own people against another group, using speech that has a special capacity to inspire violence: Dangerous Speech. Found in myriad languages, cultures, and religions, Dangerous Speech is uncannily similar across them. For example, it often refers to people as insects, vermin, aliens, threats, or pollution.

Violence may be prevented by diminishing such speech, or by making it less compelling to its audiences - without harming freedom of expression. The Dangerous Speech Project works to find the best ways to do this.



The Dangerous Speech Framework uses five contextual factors for systematically estimating which speech is dangerous, and how dangerous it is.

Our framework is being used for violence-prevention efforts in a variety of countries.