To protect people from TikTok, don’t ban it. Study it.

The best way to protect people from harms engendered by TikTok (and other social media platforms) is to unleash researchers so they can build up knowledge collectively. That's why the Coalition for Independent Tech Research sued Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to stop his TikTok ban.

We study dangerous speech and ways to counteract it.

Dangerous Speech: A Practical Guide

People don’t commit violence against other groups - or even condone it - spontaneously. First they must be taught to see other people as pests, vermin, aliens, or threats. Malicious leaders often use the same types of rhetoric to do this, in myriad cultures, languages, countries, and historical periods. We call this Dangerous Speech. Violence might be prevented by making it less abundant or less convincing. We work to find the best ways to do this – while protecting freedom of expression.


Content Moderation Needs Auditing at Scale, Starting with Israel and Palestine

That’s no reason to leave online discourse unscrutinized. On the contrary: it must be systematically, expertly protected. Israel and Palestine would be ideal for such a test.

Working paper: Transgressive transitions

New working paper by the Disinformation Project titled ‘Transgressive transitions’ outlines a measurable rise in both volume and tone of transphobia, as well as evidence of foreign interference in New Zealand online communities.

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Donald Trump marks return to X, formerly Twitter, with mug shot tweet

The language of the Trump tweet is inflammatory to his followers but ambiguous enough that he can claim it’s harmless. It isn’t. In the four words of his tweet he repeated his false claim that the election was stolen from him, and framed his cause as a righteous war.

Beware of snakes: A common dehumanization trope

From ancient myths and religious texts to modern-day propaganda and media, the visual portrayal of snakes has served as a powerful tool for dehumanization, fueling stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination.