People are increasingly interested in the ways that speech – on the internet, in popular media, from governments, or elsewhere – can fuel tensions between groups of people that may result in violence. And we believe that educating people about harmful, hateful, and Dangerous Speech can empower people to predict where violence (or other harms) may arise, or to “inoculate” themselves and others against the influence of such discourse.

Our staff can offer educational workshops on topics such as:

  • Understanding and identifying Dangerous Speech
  • Constructive responses to harmful content online
  • Integrating content about Dangerous Speech in classroom settings
  • Initiating dialogues about speech and freedom of expression
  • Designing interventions to counter Dangerous Speech and reduce the risk of intergroup violence

If your organization would be interested in hosting a Dangerous Speech Project workshop, please email [email protected] introducing yourself and describing how we can support your work. We are happy to structure our content around your interests as well as your timing requirements, from 1-2 hours to 2 days.