Susan Benesch at SOTN 2024

State of the Net Conference | February 12 2024 | Washington DC

Executive Director Susan Benesch spoke on the State of the Net 2024 panel, “Online Expression and Policymakers: Finding the Balance”.

She spoke to the urgent need for independent oversight and research, “Companies are regulating human expression more than any government does. And more than any government ever has – yes, that includes China – on a much, much greater scale. They have much more power over human communication than any state – than any government. We have virtually no knowledge of how they are carrying that out, whether we’re talking about humans doing the carrying out, or software, or LLMs. That’s untenable.”

Susan is a founding member of the Coalition for Independent Technology Research, which seeks to advance, defend, and sustain the right to study the impact of technology on society.

Full panel session available here:


Moderator: Shane Tews

Shane Tews – President, Logan Circle Strategies Dr. David Morar – Senior Policy Analyst, Open Technology Institute

Eric Goldman – Santa Clara University School of Law

Steve DelBianco – President & CEO, NetChoice

Susan Benesch – Director, Dangerous Speech Project