We’re writing a short book on constructive responses to hatred online, which we’ve studied for five years and want to present to a broad audience in a vivid, engaging way. You’ll write the draft of this pathbreaking document, using our abundant research: interviews, papers and reports, meeting notes, transcripts of live events, and slide decks – and some new research of your own. You’ll also solicit and edit contributions to the book from some of the activists who respond to online hate.

Once the book is near completion, we will work with you and a web designer to translate it into interactive, ‘choose your own adventure’-style online content that will allow visitors to engage with the work in different ways depending on their backgrounds and interests.

This contract position requires weekly in-person meetings in Washington, DC.

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Web Designer

After a decade of research and publications, our work is quite well known and many people rely on our website, but it leaves a lot to be desired. We’re looking for an experienced web designer (or design team) with expertise in WordPress, who has worked with education/nonprofit clients in the past and produced dynamic, interactive content.

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Blog Contributors

We are always looking for authors to provide relevant, engaging, content (with accurate and thorough citations) that applies the dangerous speech framework and concepts to current or historical events. If you’re interested in contributing, please reach out to info[at]dangerousspeech[dot]org; we just ask that you review our past blog posts for a sense of our style and areas of interest (and gaps in content), and prepare a draft post for consideration. We pay $300 per piece of original content and $100 per piece of content republished from elsewhere.

(And since it unfortunately doesn’t go without saying – we will never use your content without getting your permission and compensating you).